Alston Jones
2D/3D Animation Generalist/ Filmmaker 
Savannah College of Art and Design- Atlanta, Masters of Fine Arts, 2008-2013
Thesis Film: Be Better Than Equal, 2D Animated Short made in Toon Boom.  Premiered at the 2014 DragonCon Independent Film Festival as an official selection and won the Best Short Screenplay award at the 2016 South Carolina Underground Film Festival.
Thesis Paper: Something For Nothing: Animation, Industrial Film and Post-Modernity studies the history and common elements of animation in the industrial film genre.
University of South Carolina, Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts (Major) and Film Studies (Minor), 2003-2006
Technical Experience:
2D/3D Animation Skills: Animating, Storyboarding, Concept Art, Background Art, Character Design, Modeling, Texturing, VFX, Compositing, Editing
Development Skills: Directing, Scriptwriting, Concept Development
Software Skills:
Proficient In: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Blender 3D, ZBrush, Storyboarder, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, Mixamo
Familiar With: Substance Painter, Quixel, Unreal Engine, Adobe Illustrator, Audition, Dimension, DaVinci Resolve, Autodesk Maya, Toon Boom Harmony
Professional Experience:
Freelance Animator/Artist Atlanta,  GA February 2014-Present
Working as a freelance artist in a variety of capacities primarily in 2D and 3D animation. 
Created and executed a concept for a music video released in November 2021.  animated in blender primarily with some compositing and editing completed in after effects. 

Freelance Animator Ideas United, Atlanta GA December 2018-Jan 2021
Worked on a variety of 2D and 3D animation projects for Ideas United and its clients, including Emory, NCAA, PGA, Brightwell, Madico.  Acted as primary character animator on numerous instructional videos for Brightwell.  Animated and created assets with a team of animators and editors. 
Production Assistant Love is Blind/Netflix, Fayetteville, GA September-October 2018
Worked as a set production assistant on the Netflix reality tv show, Love is Blind.  Assisted crew in almost every department, building sets, doing runs, and tended to the cast.  
Production Assistant America’s Fittest Couples/CMT, Newnan, GA July-August 2018
Worked as a set production assistant on the CMT reality tv show, America’s Fittest Couples.  Assisted crew, specifically in building obstacle courses, assisting the camera department, and tending the cast.
Illustrator Atlanta Beltline Inc., Atlanta, GA July-September 2015
Created Eddy Cat character for Atlanta Beltine’s Southern Charm Campaign.  Worked with Beltline Communications Coordinator to develop signs featuring Eddy Cat demonstrating trail etiquette. Designed and illustrated signs that were displayed on the Atlanta Beltline.
Production Intern/Ancillary Compositing Intern Adult Swim/ Turner, Atlanta, GA        January-April 2013
Assisted in the production offices of Adult Swim, providing help on general office management as well as tasks within a variety of departments including on air promotion and show production.  Also assisted in post production After Effects compositing for live action show Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.
Academic Presenter Screen Studies Conference, University of Glasgow, Scotland July 2012
Co-authored and presented a paper on the animated industrial film, Pete Roleum and His Cousins.
Teaching Intern Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA March-June 2012
Assisted a professor in a senior animation class, acted as producer for short student film, transcribed and delivered notes, and compiled dailies. Also provided a tutorial and technical support on Toon Boom Animate Pro for students.
Character Design and Modeling Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA March-May 2010
Developed the bird character for Drag ‘n Fly, a 3D group project with storyboard by Blue Sky lead storyboard artist, John Hurst. Created character sheet based on storyboards, received notes from the creator and then modeled the bird character based on those notes. The bird model was subsequently featured in Tina O'Hailey’s book, Rig it Right!
Animator Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA 2009
Assisted in the production of Jaguar McGuire, a 2D/3D hybrid short created by a fellow SCAD student, animating the cat character in a shot. 
Production Assistant Lion Television/PBS, Edgefield,SC/Columbia, SC October 2009/ January 2008
Assisted in the production of two episodes of History Detectives, acting as set assistant to the director of photography and providing on set support to all members of cast and crew.
Production Assistant Persistent Entertainment, Columbia, SC May-June 2008
Assisted in the production of feature film Nailed, directed by David O. Russell and eventually released under the title Accidental Love. 
Stage Hand General Lee Productions, Columbia, SC June 2007-February 2008
Assisted in large-scale productions at various arenas in several departments, including lighting, stage, and rigging.
Production Assistant HPE Rights Inc./20th Century Fox, Columbia, SC October-November 2006
Assisted in the production of the feature film Death Sentence, directed by James Wan and starring Kevin Bacon and John Goodman, providing on set support and assisted sound department and foley artist. 
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